Fighting Veterans Homelessness: Resources Are Available

In, 2019, more than 37,000 veterans experienced homelessness. This means that about 7 percent of the of the 550,000 Americans experiencing Homelessness are veterans. Some factors that can cause homelessness include a shortage of affordable housing, restricted access to healthcare, a non-livable income and absence of family support. These factors compounded with the stress of deployment, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse can result in a veteran becoming homeless.

The West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance is committed to providing veterans with different resources to combat this issue. The West Virginia Veterans Home is a state facility created to assist veterans who struggle with chronic homelessness. This property sits on 23 acres in Barboursville, and serves veterans who were discharged under honorable conditions. The 150-bed facility provides a safe, comfortable place for veterans to stay while they get on their feet, and is considered one of the finest veterans-only facilities in the United States.

Other resources such as, The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Hershel “Woody” Williams VA Medical Center, Volunteers of America, and the West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, can assist with housing information. Each of these organizations can provide veterans with appropriate courses of action to get back on their feet.

Sometimes, something as easy as finding a homeless shelter or a food bank can go a long way in assisting a homeless veteran. The Homeless Shelter Directory provides lists of both homeless shelters and emergency food resources. The directory lists can include emergency shelters, transitional housing, soup kitchens, food banks, etc.

Continuing to spread awareness about available resources can make a difference in the fight against homelessness.

For more information on combating veteran homelessness, call:
West Virginia Veterans Home: 304-736-1027
West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance: 304-558-3661
West Virginia Coalition to end Homelessness: 833-722-2014
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): 1-877-424-3838

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