Making Healthier Lifestyle Choices, New Year’s Resolutions

The pandemic has shown everyone just how important health is, and how we sometimes take it for granted. As a veteran, you are more likely to suffer from certain chronic illnesses than civilians, so it is crucial to listen to what your body and mind need. The new year is a great time to reflect on what changes might benefit you and what you can do to better yourself. 

Most people do not realize the importance of strong mental health. Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Someone battling with depression and PTSD can have a harder time completing everyday activities. One way veterans can maintain a healthier lifestyle is by prioritizing self-care and mental health. Self-care is as simple as spending a little extra time on yourself, whether that be exercising, relaxation, or engaging in your favorite activities.  

Think about what your favorite hobbies are, or activities you have always wanted to try. Take an extra day off to relax and be with your loved ones. Eat at your favorite restaurant. Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Do something that is strictly for yourself. 

Another good resolution for veterans is to reconnect with people. You may have lost touch with family and friends, especially during the pandemic. There is no better time to give someone you miss a call or schedule time to catch up with each other. Personal relationships are important for long-term health and happiness – for both parties.  

Along with reconnecting with people, reconnecting with nature can be a healthy way start the year. West Virginia is home to one national park, 35 state parks, nine state forests, and three rail trails. Use the early winter months to plan a small adventure somewhere new. Exploring West Virginia will get you on your feet in a rewarding way and benefit you beyond just the physical, which can reduce PTSD symptoms. 

This New Year, make a resolution to take care of yourself, mentally and physically. If you have limitations or are having trouble getting started or connected, reach out to us and we will help provide you with recommendations and resources.