The 2020 Census – Important to Veterans and Communities

For cities and states across the country veterans and their families are an important part of community life. No matter where they may be, it is important that everyone be counted. Veterans and their families may not realize just how important they are when it comes to the 2020 Census.

May – An Important Month for Veterans

May is an important month for Veterans. Not only does the nation reflect of the sacrifices of the fallen on Memorial Day, but Armed Forces Week is celebrated this month. Armed Forces Week leads up to Armed Forces Day. This year Armed Forces Week is May 11-18, with Armed Forces Day falling on May 16.

COVID-19 Response

We are living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic and our response to it has led to a situation that most of us have never experienced. One thing that that you can be sure of is our commitment to providing services to our state’s veterans.