Thirty Years and Counting — Veterans Upward Bound Continues To Offer Assistance

We understand that enrolling in the military is a choice often made in lieu of pursuing higher education. However, there are a number of programs available to veterans to pay for the completion of a college degree and turn the skills gained while in service into career traits and opportunities.

West Virginia Veterans Upward Bound (WV VUB) is a program designed to help Veterans of the U.S. Military to pursue postsecondary education.  WV VUB has helped Veterans in West Virginia receive education assistance for more than three decades.

WV VUB has a staff of 7, keen to serve Veterans of the Mountain State. Each Academic Advisor has served in the US military and has completed postsecondary education. They know what it takes and how to make it happen.

The WV VUB staff provides Veterans with assistance in preparation of all sorts: help with college enrollment, financial considerations, planning, and even personal academic instruction. They are well-versed in helping Vets overcome obstacles and helping them understand all options available to them. WV VUB is a proven way to set Veterans on the right individualized path to postsecondary success.

VUB participants receive all services and materials free of charge, as Veterans Upward Bound is funded entirely by grants awarded by the US Department of Education.

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