Honoring the Fallen by Shirley White

Memorial Day is the federal holiday set aside for honoring and remembering those who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It is observed every year on the last Monday of May.

There are two other days set aside to honor those who have served or who are serving – Veterans Day and Armed Forces day.

It is appropriate that we have a day set aside for our fallen heroes. Whether they are sons or daughters, brothers or sisters, mothers or fathers or some combination of these things, we should remember their sacrifice. We should carry this remembrance with us every day. 

Service men and women from all branches of service sacrifice their time and risk their lives for our country every day. The families of those who we have lost must deal with that loss every day. The loss of these brave men and women is a loss for our entire nation. It is an emotional loss for the families of the fallen. It is a loss of experience and expertise to the branch of service in which each of the fallen served. It is a loss of the full potential that they could otherwise have reached.

It is a loss of the leadership that they would have provided to future generations. 

It is a loss every day that we all should feel most keenly. Honor the fallen today – remember them every day. 

By Shirley White

Shirley White is the President of West Virginia Gold Star Mothers Association. This association is a part of the National Gold Star Mothers organization, an Organization comprised of mothers who have losat sons and daughters to military service. Two of Shirley’s three sons have died as a result of their military service. She and her husband, Stan, advocate for God Star Mothers and Gold Star Families and other veterans causes throughout the state. 

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